llama4u448 (llama4u448) wrote in vaginapagina,


I have been spotting for approximately a month. The week before Thanksgiving, I was really sick with the flu and I guess it delayed ovulation because I had all the symptoms of a period but nothing came when I expected it. A few days later I started spotting and I haven't stopped since except for a day or two. I took a pregnancy test a few weeks ago and it was negative. There is pretty much a slim to none chance anyway since I have a copper IUD. Should I just chalk this up to the flu screwing with my cycle and try to ride it out or just go to the doctor?

Also, a little background. In May I had surgery to remove a ton of cysts. I also went off the pill at the same time because the doctor was nice enough to do an IUD insertion during surgery. Anyway, I have had 4 periods since then, If you count the spotting I've had. I also, had a complete physical in May and everything came back normal including thyroid levels.
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