dark_blue44 (dark_blue44) wrote in vaginapagina,

First time birth-control user...

I've been using the generic form of Ortho Cyclen, Sprintec 28, for about a month now. I'm in my last 3 'non-active' pills and I got my period this past Monday the 13th. I'm really not used to birth control being this is my first time on it. I noticed some spotting going on on the Friday before my real period started, which doesn't typically happen. Before I got on HBC, my periods typically started out a little heavy and began to taper off around day 4 or 5. Right now, it feels like its the opposite.

Things were going along fine for the first 3 days but this morning, my period got extremely heavy. To the point that it scared me a bit. I've kept an eye on everything all day and I think it's back to being under control. Not as scary heavy. It just threw me off this morning. Is this normal for periods to be drastically different than normal for the first month or so of going on BC? I think I'm just getting paranoid that this particular brand isn't agreeing with my body or something.

I know lots of women end up getting shorter and lighter periods on BC, and I'm curious if that will ever happen within the next months or if I should switch. The only big side effects of this BC I'm noticing so far is a big increase in appetite, and some lighter cramping during periods. And this particularly heavy flow as of today. I'm really hoping my period stops by next Monday. I'm so worried it won't.

So sorry for the rambling. I'm just nervous and want to make sure that everything is okay. I feel like maybe I should keep at this medication for a little longer and see what happens. I know your body takes a while to get used to it.

Also. I switched pharmacies for my second pack of pills, and they changed my generic to MonoNessa. The guy claimed it's the exact same medication. Anyone have any experiences of being on this? I'm just hoping it doesn't mess me up or something...

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