Ruby (sleepingdragon7) wrote in vaginapagina,

EPT Pregnancy Test Accuracy and Shortening a Placebo Week on HBC

Background:  I am on HBC, and my partner always withdraws before he ejaculates.  I have not missed any pills, nor (as far as I know, and I can usually tell) has he pulled out too late. 

This past month, I shorted my placebo week because I had been getting my period on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, which messed up my weekend.  I took 4 pills instead of the 7, then started the active pills again, so I should get my period (this month) around Monday or Tuesday.  I haven't gotten it yet.  I spoke to my pharmacist when I got my refill, and he said that he would think it would probably not be that early in the week the first month after the start day change.

This evening, I took an EPT test - it was negative.  I plan on taking another one in the morning if my period doesn't start overnight.

My question(s) is/are:  Is there any reason I shouldn't trust the tests, and would it be normal to skip a period after changing the start date?  I've only missed one in the six years I've been on HBC.

Thanks so much!
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