dreadvirago (dreadvirago) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vulvodynia and Infection Differentiation?

Hello all.
I'm currently having kind of an issue. I've been having intermittent vaginal and vulvar itching and burning for maybe 3 weeks now that ceased with my period and then came back. There are a number of reasons I've let it go on this long (no insurance, recently moved to a new city and state and am currently unemployed), but the main reason is that I was previously diagnosed with vulvodynia, and the symptoms of that (for me, at least) mimic vaginal infections so I can't tell which is which. I have no unusual odor or discharge (mine is always pretty thick and opaque regardless), and no abdominal pain as I've experienced with a previous case of BV. The main itchy area is a small spot on the right side of my vaginal opening which is always the starting point of any discomfort for me, and has led me to believe that area may have nerve damage (maybe a hymeneal remnant? I have no idea). I am sexually active in a monogamous relationship, but both my boyfriend and I have tested negative for STIs. When I did have access to medical care in college the past 2 years, I'd go to the clinic with these same symptoms and the staff wouldn't be able to find anything wrong with me, except for maybe 2 out of 15 times, when it WAS ACTUALLY yeast or BV but I didn't have the textbook discharge/odor for either. I guess my question is, how do fellow vulvodynia sufferers (and therefore, how do I) differentiate between an infection and their (my) personal standard vulvodynia stuff? I'm currently trying to balance my reason which says that this is just vulvodynia, and my hypochondria. I don't want to just randomly treat for something I'm not sure it is and make it worse. At what point do you start getting worried and get yourself to a doctor?
Thank you in advance.
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