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As being home today sick, I've decided to start preparing/finish buying Christmas gifts. I have decided that for a majority of my friends (In college and most will be transferring to campuses farther away come spring), that I was going to give a gift that might actually be useful one day. I've decided that each of my friends will be getting a container of some sort, with condoms, lube samples, pregnancy tests (from the dollar store via as well as a Christmas card offering to help and support them in attaining hormonal birth control if they desire and perhaps an instead menstrual cup if they'd like to try. It seemed to me like most presents people give each other are just crafty little things that never get much use, and I feel that this would be an effective, yet fun way to shake up the holiday present tradition. Thoughts on my idea?
Also, Has anyone tried flavored condoms? I was thinking of including some of them as well, but I don't know much about them, or if they even really taste like anything at all. Brand suggestions with reasoning would also be appreciated too, on condoms or lube. Thanks VP!
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