ellainr (ellainr) wrote in vaginapagina,

Drowning in Discharge

It started almost exactly a month ago. Discharge, and lots of it, accompanied by an insistent itch and a stretchy OWW! during sexytimes. I've been to the doctor, had std tests, and was treated for both yeast and bacterial infections. The itch spread out to encompass my entire body, head to toe. Even my tongue! Benadryl did nothing. Between sessions of scratching myself raw, I called the doc again, and he told me to try Zyrtec. The itching (all of it) stopped.

I still have this discharge. There is 2-4 times as much of it as I am used to. It is white with a yellow tint, thin, watery, and slippery. It smells different, but not bad or fishy. Like me, with a hint of ?????.

I've thought since 2 courses of antibiotics and 2 yeast treatments did nothing, maybe I'm having an allergic reaction, especially since the zyrtec helps. But what to? My new shampoo? Nope, switched back to previous, made no difference. My new vitamins? nope, stopped those for a few days, no change. My pantyliners? Doesn't seem so, but I have yet to find bleach free ones to try. I can't test by going without liners, because it would look like I peed myself before the end of my work day.

I'm clueless. My doc is apparently clueless.

Any ideas? Any at all?
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