prince_rini (prince_rini) wrote in vaginapagina,

Condoms and Maintaining an Erection

Hi everyone, I'm a new Vagpina Pagina member. I've been following this community for a while, but this is my first post. I really like how everyone here is so open and supportive. I hope you can give me some advice on my predicament. : )

My boyfriend and I recently tried to have sex, but our attempts so far have been unsuccessful. We're both still virgins, which makes things even more complicated. He's able to properly put  on a condom when he is fully aroused. However, after about twenty or thirty seconds of thrusting, he completely loses his erection. He says that he can't tell whether he's in me or not and that he is unable to feel any sensation through the condom. I think he was almost able to penetrate me once but he lost his erection too soon. It also takes him about ten minutes to regain his erection after removing a condom.

I 'd like to know what might be preventing us from having intercourse. He normally doesn't have any trouble maintaining an erection or ejaculating. I don't think that his inability to keep an erection with a condom on is psychological. We both feel ready to have sex. I wonder if the condoms he bought are too tight. I think he bought generic Trojan condoms. I'm pretty sure he's average length, but maybe his girth is wider than average.

Thanks so much!
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