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Neverending herpes outbreak

Quick Background: Ok so I have HSV-1 on my genitals and I have had it for about 4 years. I contracted it during oral sex. My first outbreak was typically awful and since then I would get one small outbreak every six months or so (small meaning 2-3 blisters). I'd always take my 3-day round of Valtrex and forget about it.

Current Issue: This is my first outbreak in over a year. I have since been laid off and lost my insurance so I have no Valtrex It started out mild with two blisters so I decided to throw some Abreva on it and...it worked! The blisters started healing with amazing speed. However, two days later, another two blisters popped out (the first two were almost 100% healed,little more than light red spots) so I repeated the Abreva. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. It seems that when two blisters are almost gone, another two pop out, when THOSE have all but vanished, here comes another one. This has been going on for almost three weeks now. I am not in TERRIBLE pain but I am becoming depressed and snappy from being in constant discomfort. What gives? Everything I have been told/read about herpes says that you get an outbreak and then the blisters can take 2-3 weeks to heal without medication. No one said anything about 2-3 weeks of constant new blisters (albeit quick healing ones).

I am at the end of my rope and have been crying for two days now. I can't take it anymore. Is there an end in sight or will this outbreak last forever? ETA: IS THIS TYPE OF OUTBREAK NORMAL?

PS: During typing this, I put a call in to my ob/gyn who never had a problem just calling in a refill of Valtrex (I found out that the generic is about $60). Now the receptionist is saying that "well you're due for your yearly in January so they may not refill it till then" AHHH!!! I cannot, number one, wait until January and number two, I may not be able to afford my yearly in January was thinking of going to PP for it instead.

Has anyone else had an outbreak like this? Is there an end in sight?
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