aimeelynn06 (aimeelynn06) wrote in vaginapagina,

Painless Uterine Spasms

Hey VP,


22 years old
Mirena IUD
sexually active

My problem:

All afternoon/ evening I've been having really weird uterine spasms on and off. They don't hurt and are not pleasurable. It feels like when you get an eye twitch or something. Tensing and releasing my abdominal and/ or pelvic floor muscles does not help. I know it's my uterus because I'm very sensitive and generally am pretty aware of my body. It isn't gas or anything intestinal. It doesn't feel at all like an orgasm or menstrual cramps.

I don't menstruate at all due to the IUD and I haven't had any other weird symptoms. I last had PIV November 21 and once every week or two before that for a long time. I don't think I could be pregnant due to the effectiveness of the IUD and my general extreme awareness of what's going on in my body, but I do not use condoms so I guess there's the tiniest chance. Is it worth going out in the cold to take a test? I'm not that worried, mostly just curious since this has never happened to me before. I felt a sharp pain in my right ovary at one point, so could this have to do with ovulation? It's normal for me to know when I ovulate, although I do not ovulate every month.

If I'm pregnant, and pregnant enough to feel fetal movement, it's pretty much time to call up "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant."

So what the heck is up? My roommate does not wish to hear any more details about my uterus. :)

Thanks, Superstars!
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