anonymouseee (anonymouseee) wrote in vaginapagina,

Breast lumps, Hemorrhoids

 I have a few questions. I’ve decided to stay anonymous to just protect myself a bit.

Firstly, I regularly check my breasts for lumps. If I press towards the middle, I don’t feel anything. If I press against my chest/collarbone, I feel lumpy stuff. Nothing hurts. I don’t have anything abnormal except some Montgomery bumps with little white heads and a few peach fuzzes that grow ingrown sometimes. Is it normal for breasts to be a little lumpy? Also I have one little tiny blood vessel that must’ve popped months ago, and it hasn’t gone away. Normal?

Secondly, any suggestions for treatments of internal hemmorhoids? I’ve been doing the water, fiber, and witch hazel…no change! My GI doctor didn’t recommend anthing else either. It’s been going on for months and it’s causing a lot of pain for me sexually (any help on that would be awesome too. I want to have sex again and have the initial penetration feel okay :( So yeah, any advice would be such great help). I’ll do anything at this point…(My GI dr also didn’t recommend any surgical procedures. Hrmph.)

Thirdly, my sex pain could be from BV. I test negative for it everytime. No STIs, no yeast, no BV. But I have the symptoms...:(

Any help is appreciated. We’ve got quite the hypochondriac over here…

Thanks so much in advance.
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