random10 (random10) wrote in vaginapagina,

mid-cycle bleeding question

Hey everyone. Stats: 27, not on hormonal birth control, in a monogamous relationship, have genital herpes (no current outbreak), have normally very regular 27-29 day cycles. Ran a marathon end of october and have basically stopped exercising to focus on my thesis instead.

So this month, right around ovulation time, i had pains on my right side that i think were mittelschmerz pains. Lasted like a day and a half of weird sort of stabbing pains on and off.

Then yesterday and the day before, i'd been spotting old brown blood throughout the day, which was extremely annoying because i'm not expecting my period for AT LEAST a week if not a week and a few days.

Last night my boyfriend and i were fooling around, had PIV sex, and there was bright red, fresh blood like a period. Nothing hurt and I was adequately lubricated. I put in a tampon afterwards (i didn't have my cup with me, fail) and then in the morning, the tampon didn't have any fresh blood, just old brown blood.

Today, there's been a little more brown blood.

What is going on here??!! We have used protection religiously because of the herpes and because i'm not on any hormonal birth control. I'm not worried about pregnancy (unless i should be??!) but am just wondering what might be the issue, or if this is just normal variations. I am stressed out to finish my thesis in time and recognize that the change in exercise regime could be messing with hormones (although I haven't lost or gained any weight).

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