Elle Marie (septicidal) wrote in vaginapagina,
Elle Marie

OB tampons MIA?

This weekend, I encountered tragedy. My beloved menstrual cup went missing, and I was forced to find something else to deal with my period. Imagine my shock and dismay when every store I went to - two CVS stores, a Rite Aid, and Target - all had empty shelves where the OB tampons should be. Internet research turned up stories that the Ultra tampons have been discontinued, but no explanation for the complete lack of all OB tampons. The tampons are also out of stock in online stores and listed as "on backorder" through OB's own website.

What gives? Until switching to a menstrual cup, OB's applicator-less tampons were the only period solution that I could stand - tampons with applicators never seemed to be positioned comfortably, and pads irritated the skin of my vulva AND made a horrible mess overnight - and I feel lost without the option of using them when my cup is unavailable. I ordered a new cup (I've been meaning to try a MeLuna for ages) and won't have another period (actually, withdrawal bleed) for two months because I stack my birth control, but I'm dying to know what's going on. Has anyone else had trouble finding OB tampons? What are you doing in the meantime? Are there any other applicator-less tampons that are carried at the major drugstores? (I know Whole Foods sometimes has unbleached products, but the closest one is difficult for me to get to.)

I am just so incredibly frustrated that the tampons I relied on for so long are unavailable, with no explanation from the manufacturer.
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