anadyomene_i (anadyomene_i) wrote in vaginapagina,

Changing Timing of Withdrawal Bleed/Period

 I've been doing some research both here in VP and elsewhere on the internet, but I haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer or set of answers and opinions... your knowledgeable input would help put my mind at ease.

I will be starting to take Levora (generic for Nordette; monophasic) in the next few months. I'm not currently sexually active, nor will I be until I marry in the summer. As with many people, I'm trying to avoid the bleeding part during the festivities/travelling. 
1. If I choose to skip the placebo pills altogether, I've read that breakthrough bleeding/spotting is very likely. Is this true, or is this just a general warning?
2. In the next few months before I have to worry about birth control efficacy, is it possible to adjust the timing? For example, could I avoid the breakthrough/spotting concern entirely by, at some point, taking only 2 weeks of active pills, taking placebos right after, then going into a new pack entirely to shift the bleeding time forward?
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