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 Hello I just have a (somewhat) quick question about a mysterious vaginal bacterial infection!

So, my issue is this: about three weeks ago, right after I finished my period I started getting symptoms of what I thought was a yeast infection. Vulva itching, swollen red/burning sensation, boyfriend saying there was a yeasty smell, etc. Also, had VERY sharp pains when attempting penetration during sex. So I tried treating for a yeast infection, first with a one day treatment, then trying the monistat three day treatment when the one day didn't work. The external stuff seemed to mostly clear up, but there was still pain during intercourse, so I figured I should go to the doctor. She said that she didn't think it was a yeast infection at all, but rather suspected Bacterial Vaginosis. We did some other tests, like for chlamydia and ghonorrea, just to be sure (though neither of us suspected anything like that), as well as for the yeast. I was prescribed metronidazole for the BV, and took them over the next week. I hadn't actually gotten the test results back yet, except for the yeast (negative), but the doc and nurse said it was a good idea to begin the treatment, so I did. 

Anywho, upon finishing up the treatment, I notice that there is still pain with intercourse. Not as much, but it's still there. Part of me can't figure out whether or not it's because I haven't really had much sex for the past few weeks, what with all the vagina problems, or if there is still something there. To top it all off, I FINALLY got my test results back for the rest of the stuff, and it turns out I never even had BV! They detected some squamous cells, which according to the nurse means that there was a slight bacterial something or other but they were not sure what it was. They said it was ok that I took the meds though, because they are broad spectrum and should have cleared up whatever bacteria it was. But yet, I am still in some pain...hmm. I am planning on calling the doc directly on monday, as suggested by the nurse, to determine my next course of action, but I just thought I might ask you folks...Anyone have an experience like this? I'm not even sure what else it could be...I find if very strange, because as I said before, there was DEFINITELY something going on, but if wasn't yeast and it wasn't BV...what could it be?? Anyone have any suggestions for the meantime? I was reading something on here about garlic being anti-bacterial, but I was a little confused about how to go about that...I mean, do you just stick a clove up there?? Haha, that sounds a bit scary. Anywho, thanks in advance!
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