Fire Duke Esquire (uberpiratewench) wrote in vaginapagina,
Fire Duke Esquire

UTI Pain Management

So, I'm one of the lucky ones who gets chronic UTIs, ever since I was a kid. I got myself one last week, and since they are normally minor, i tried to go the water and cranberry route to knock it out on my own. It didn't work this time and I ended up going to the doc when I began having kidney pain as well. The antibiotic cleared up the kidney pain within hours and the UTI improved a bit as well. THE problem:

I'm now on my last day of a 3-day antibiotic course and, oh, boy is the UTI back with a vengeance! I'm feverish and shaking and burning and absolutely nonfunctional.... if it's not over by the time I finish my last dose tonight, i'll be off to the doctor again on Monday, but I was wondering if anyone has any UTI pain management tips to get me through until then....
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