ms (lala_luvyou) wrote in vaginapagina,

itchy itch

So I don't know what's goin on in my pants but it's starting to drive me nuts.
Last month the skin around my outer labia started to kind of peel, turned red and cracked (just a little in two places, almost like a cut).
I was also reeeaallly itchy but I couldn't do anything because the skin was pretty sore.
I thought it was from shaving and the cold weather so I took a break and used Vaseline/monistat itch relief cream. I was fine, everything cleared up for a little bit but now it's starting again!

I also noticed that my discharge is a little different too. This might be tmi but I think it's kind of the norm for this community!
Before my discharge was clear/white/liquid and the thickness changed depending on the week, nothing out of the ordinary for me.
Past couple months I've noticed that in the morning the inner labia has stuff that kind of looks like a yeast infection (typical description of cottage cheese) but it's only in the morning and it's fine after I shower. I guess I've noticed a few times if a certain lube or condom is used. So strange!

I don't know if if it's some kind of infection, allergic reaction or just a change in my body.

Reason why I put infection is because I have a new boyfriend and we haven't used condoms everytime but I have no idea what this is.

Maybe I'm just over analyzing and it's just the weather but I thought I would ask.
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