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PCOS "to ask" list.

Hello everyone!

I'm in need of some advice. Posted on here before under another username, but then decided to make a separate account for all my "community" posts.

Recap: I've never had regular menses. They came on early (age 10/11?) but within a few years began to be eratic....once every two months, twice a month, etc. At age 16 they started thinning out even more - I would often not get a period for several months. At age 18 I started running, and they disappeared completely until age 21. At that point I went on Yasmin HBC because my doctor was worried about bone density. Fast forward 2 years, I'm married, and we decided we definitely don't want any kids for a long time. Between that and decreased sex drive on HBC, we decided to go for a Paragard IUD. I assumed that I would go back to having no periods, which I didn't mind as long as my bone density was ok.

It's been 6 months since the insertion. I had the normal post-insertion bleeding, but then it has continued almost continuously since then. A few times I had a "break" for about 5-7 days but mostly it's been steady, light-medium bleeding. My primary care doctor tried a progesterone course, which did give me a stronger withdrawl bleed, but after a couple of weeks I started bleeding sporadically again. I also did not tolerate the progesterone well, so I can't take it again.

I've been checked for pregnancy, UTI, BV, anemia etc - all negative, and I had an ultrasound showing my endometrium is of normal thickness, the IUD is in ideal placement, and there are no structural problems with my uterus....however, it did show my left ovary being 4.1cmx4.7cmx2.9cm and filled with a number of small follicles.

So it would seem the likely diagnosis is polycystic ovary syndrome . Tomorrow I'm going to see the OBGYN - what should I ask? I love how I feel with the IUD except for the prolonged bleeding. Do you think there's anything I could ask for that would help regulate me so that I could keep the Paragard without long term HBC? Fertility is not a concern.

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