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Egg donation

(Not entirely sure if this question belongs here; if not, please feel free to delete it, thanks).

So recently I've become really interested in the possibility of donating my eggs. I've been doing a lot of research online about the process, and doing some soul searching about how I'd feel about many of the moral implications that come up. I think it's a really great thing to be able to do, to not only be able to help a couple or woman who really wants to have a child, and at the same time get monetarily compensated for it (I won't lie and say that my motives are 100% altruistic -- I'm in a bit of a financial bind these days). The one thing I haven't been able to find out for sure though is what happens to unused eggs. A lot of different sites seem to say a lot of different things. Most agree that once your eggs have been donated, you no longer have any say in what happens to them. I have a slight problem with this because I personally don't want my fertilized eggs going to stem-cell research, or to be outright destroyed. I understand the reasons behind it (more eggs than may be needed are fertilized to increase the chances of IV pregnancy), but I'm not comfortable with it. Is there anyway to find out if there are agencies that either don't allow those two options, or have alternative options, or at least allow you to decide what becomes of unused eggs? Or suggestions about how I could find this information out? (And personal testimonies would be great too! :D). Thanks in advance, vagpag.♥
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