Story of my life. (herloved_beauty) wrote in vaginapagina,
Story of my life.


Please bear with me.

Last month I missed four BC pills in the middle of my pack. I doubled up every day because I didn't have a spare pack and couldn't get to one for another few days. My boyfriend and I had sex while I missed the pills, and he did ejaculate inside of me. Fast forward about a week to a week and a half (before I got to my four placeboes) I had two days of just basically brown sludge mixed with some interesting looking mucuous. Past that, I never got a period. I took two pregnancy tests - one right when I bought it, and one the next morning. Both were negative. (To give you a time frame, I missed pills Nov 13-16, I took a test Dec 4th and 5th)

Some things to consider: The week I was supposed to get my period, I had worked ten days between days off. I've been extremely stressed out and just downright exhausted. I'm not exhibiting any pregnancy symptoms (no nausea, boobs/nipples don't hurt, etc) but I am afraid that it's too early to tell.

Can I take those two negative pregnancy tests to ring true? Or am I going to have to wait to see if I miss my withdrawal bleed again at the end of this pack? (for the record, i've NEVER missed a withdrawal bleed before).
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