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BV and recurrance - what do you do to keep them little bacterium at bay?

So, for the past while, maybe 3-4 weeks, I've noticed this really intense malodor coming from my crotch area - but in a weird, sort of inconsistent way. My partner has been performing oral sex on me this whole time (only after I've showered or used baby wipes) and has always commented on the pleasant taste/smell of my vagina, and when he fingers me the liquid that is on his fingers afterward seems normal and doesn't smell unpleasant. But for some reason, I've been noticing this accumulation of a very pungent odor throughout my days spent on campus, especially after sitting for long periods of time. When I get home and remove my clothing (which is usually pretty tight), I am hit with a wall of an awful smell - and I can smell it throughout the day too, whenever I sit up or go to the washroom. This has been very embarrassing because I can always smell myself and I'm self conscious that others can, too, especially in the workplace or on the bus. Anyway, I had assumed this entire time that the unpleasant smell was due to not washing my pants enough, sitting for long periods of time (thereby allowing moisture accumulation), and showering less frequently that usual due to exams. Since the odor on my clothing seems to be a lot more pungent than the odor coming from my vagina when I'm not clothed, I wasn't sure what to chalk it up to - I find it hard to gauge normal/abnormal discharge because it is of course, a spectrum that can be affected by factors not related to an infection.

Anyway, last week I went to the doctor to get my STI tests run because my partner and I want to stop using condoms. The GP performed the swab, and today I got a call saying to come in to discuss the results. So I did, and I was told that I have Bacterial Vaginosis. AHHHH. Now this all makes so much sense! I guess that the accumulation of bacterial discharge on my clothing and constant exposure to air and moisture is what is causing the most unpleasant smell, and that my normal odors are what are most prominent after showering and cleaning the area with water with my hands. I also came to another very light-bulb type realization when I learned that one of the tests done for BV involves mixing a sample of the discharge with Potassium Hydroxide or another strong base, and then testing for a characteristic fishy odor - I have indeed noticed an EXTREMELY intense fishy odor in instances where some body wash (which contains Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide) happens to get in the area.

Anyway, I apologize for the novel, I just felt like sharing my little story about this, but I do indeed have a few questions for those of you ladies who have experienced BV or are experiencing it right now.

I know that the recurrence rate is relatively high for BV. Is there anything I can do to lessen the risk of it coming back....certain foods to avoid/eat, drinking more water, washing my clothes more often (with fragrance free soap), anything?

I've been prescribed that...gel stuff...can't remember what it's called (damnit and I'm studying pharmacology too! *headdesk*) and I've heard some crappy things regarding side effects, though that may be more prominent in the oral dosages because serum levels are a lot lower in the topical preparation...IDK, is there anything I should be aware of?

Also it would make me feel excellent if anyone had some stories to share about public odors making them paranoid :(

Thanks for your help in advance!
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