Moon (velkoria) wrote in vaginapagina,

I wanna kill my HBC

Seriously... at first it made me CRAZY! Like,. my anxiety was so high all the time I cried for days... cried, wanted to kill myself, wanted to break up with my bf... it was horrible! Then it made me puke almost every morning for a month... the doctor said she'd change them and then all symptoms went away... like everything was completely normal. I could take deep breaths, enjoy my life etc...

I've been fine for nearly a month and then BAM about 2 weeks before my period it hit me like crazy again. I was anxious for the past 3-4 days until finally it bursted today/yesterday. I'm fine now, again back to normal but I was counting in my head and this would be my 'ovulation' days, right? Could it have something to do with it? I've also noticed my breasts are swollen and tender and I am discharging a bit more than the usual discharge. Those are typical symptoms of my ovulation days... but shouldn't I not like... be ovulating? and well the anxiety is not a typical ovulation day symptom but it's become a typical HBC symptom... for me anyway...
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