Xevv (xevv) wrote in vaginapagina,

Stinging in Vestibule since Childhood: Help?

Hi there VP superstars, I'm coming to you with a kind of "am I normal" question.

Basically, my whole life I've experienced extreme pain when my vulvar vestibule is touched. Wikipedia defines this area as "the area between the labia minora...it contains the vaginal and urethral openings." For me, this it the area just under my clitoris, encompassing the wall of flesh between my labia minora where my urethra is, and the area around my vaginal opening. The pain I feel is exactly like if you rubbed your finger in some salt and then pressed your now salty finger directly onto your eyeball--kind of a stinging, burning, not-fun in any way kind of pain that makes my legs clamp shut.

I'm 22, I've had multiple sexual partners, I've told them where they absolutely can't touch me and why, but most of them were so inexperienced that they didn't question the normalacy of this pain. My current partner however is significantly more experienced, and has never encountered this kind of pain in any of his previous partners. He takes me seriously of course, but he hates to see me in pain whenever either of us accidentally brush the area during sex (and since we've begun to experiment with fisting, just about every session ends with me screaming and jumping off the bed because it's pretty much impossible not to touch that area after a certain number of fingers and knuckles go in!) and is wondering if this is entirely normal or if something can be done about it. I've sort of accepted that this is how my body is and since I'm able to have sex without the area being irritated (for the most part intercourse doesn't seem to cause pain, I'm not sure why) I haven't really talked to a doctor about it....

Still, can any of you just take your fingers and touch your vestibule anywhere? How alone am I in this, or is it very common and I just didn't know? I really appreciate your answers on this.
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