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is this normal?

Hi lovely VP. It's me again.

See, this morning I got up and felt a gush and thought I had FINALLY gotten my period. But nope. Just this wet spot on the crotch of my panties and some white-and-clear, almost snot-like stuff (that sounds bad, doesn't it). But not quite so mucus-y and thick as snot? It's hard to describe. It doesn't smell weird, just a bit yogurty like vagina tends to.

I've included a picture under the cut for those of you brave enough.

It's a bit faint because of the EXTREME sunlight filtering through my window + webcam, but you get the idea.

Does this sound/look normal to you? This happened to me a few days ago as well.
I want my period already D: (I took a pregnancy test yesterday, even though I'm using hormonal birth control - it came back negative ♥ so now I'm just waiiiiiting for Auntie Flo to come round)
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