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please help me get some peace of mind - missed period troubles

hello, dear lovely vp members!

I've got a bit of a predicament. See, I've been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend of 2 years for about...eight months or so now. I'm on the NuvaRing and I never forget it - except in the beginning of October, when I put it in two days late because I didn't have it at the time. We just used condoms for a week or so and all was fine because I got my period that month.

This month hasn't been so good, though. We haven't been using condoms this month, because unprotected sex was never a problem before with us, since I've always got my NuvaRing. I put my ring in on time, and took it out a day late by accident, the day after Thanksgiving to be precise - but I still haven't gotten my period. I usually get it 2-3 days after I take my ring out, so I should've gotten it at the very end of November and it would've been finishing up around now. I'm freaking out because there isn't even any sign that it's coming - I'm not getting that pre-period smell, no spotty discharge. I did get mild cramps this morning but they were on and off for about 10 minutes and they've since subsided. I'm really scared.

However, I recently have started working out again. I haven't for the past few days, but from about the 30th - Dec 2 I was working out 25 mins - 90 mins a day. I also started a new depression medication recently, maybe at the very end of November? I've also been stressing out about going back to school and over not getting my period. I still don't know though. I feel like it's way late.

So I guess I'm gonna go get a pregnancy test in a few hours. I don't know what I'm gonna do if I'm pregnant, I can't have a baby right now; I don't even want kids.

Please help :c what do you think it is? Should I be alarmed?

Thanks so much in advance, everyone.

Thanks everyone!
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