rojarabbits (rojarabbits) wrote in vaginapagina,

discussing intimacy

This is more of a sex/relationship question, but I'm hoping you all can help

My boyfriend doesn't initiate sex/sexual contact [not even kisses really] and I hate being the one that always has to do it.  I'd like it to be a mutual thing.  My first question is what would be the best way to broach the topic without sounding like I'm attacking him?

My second question is more about emotions-- When we first started dating he'd always make the first move [I was just a shy "virgin" back then, haha] which makes me feel that something has changed to make him want me less.  How does one go about reconciling the feelings of being unwanted/undesirable?  It probably sounds lame but just typing this out has made me feel as though I'm going to cry.
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