jktoml (jktoml) wrote in vaginapagina,

Changing from Implanon to IUD

Hello everyone!  I've only posted once here before.  I'm Julia, and I'm 20.

6 months ago, I narrowed my choice of birth control down to an IUD or Implanon. I went with the Implanon, because at the time it felt less invasive. After 6 months of constant spotting (and a failed attempt to regulate it with the pill), I have decided that I want to switch to an IUD.

My doctor told me that I would have the same negative qualities (constant spotting) with Mirena, because it has similar hormone doses to Implanon. She recommends me getting a Paragard. Then again, she is my GP, and doesn't insert IUDs.

Does anyone have experience with going from an Implanon to an IUD?  Would the Mirena most likely give me the same constant spotting?  Or is it something that I can't count on happening?

I've also posted this on IUD_Divas.
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