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Serenity Painted Death

Post-menopause blues (or should it be reds with hot flashes?!)

Hello superstars!  


Once again I'm here seeking some advice, but in this case, it's for my mother who is suffering dreadfully (and my poor father more so!).  A little backstory - my mum is 58 (although she maintains she's still 21) and if I remember correctly, she entered the menopause round about when I hit adolescence (my poor dad nearly emigrated, and seemed to spend an overwhelming amount of time in his shed in between making the rounds to buy two family sized bars of chocolate every month.  The poor shop assistant really caught it in the neck when she suggested to my (somewhat overweight, but cuddly) father that he'd lose weight if he didn't eat so much chocolate.  His response?  "Madam, I have a wife on HRT and a daughter with PMT, what the hell am I supposed to do?!". 

Mum had been on HRT for 4 years, before coming off it for fear of any adverse effects it might have had.  She's been off it for six years now and says that she's feeling better for it, although she is still plagued by monstrous hot flashes.  They usually occur round about the ten o' clock news (at least she's regular) and as a general rule, she is constantly hot. 

She doesn't want to go back on any form of medication.  She exercises regularly, although she is finding it harder to participate as her temperature rockets through any form of physical exertion (whether it's spin or Pilates), and she is unable to continue until she has cooled down.  She barely sleeps due to being unable to control her body temperature, and naturally this is spilling over into her mental health as well as physical.  She rarely drinks anything with caffeine, and has dropped her alcohol consumption considerably (even a small glass of wine sends her into a heated frenzy).  She is as physically fit as she can be without combusting instantaneously.  She keeps a low-fat diet and uses soya milk.

The doctor says that the problem is non-hormonal (as she is post-menopause) so HRT will not help.  Any tests involving thyroid, aenemia have come back clear. 

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what she can do to help herself, either through exercise, diet, natural remedies etc?

Many thanks in advance.


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