B (mrsbenglish) wrote in vaginapagina,


Could you all tell me a little more about your experience with BV?

I've done some googling around, but I'm not sure it's been helpful.

The situation is this:  I find that ever since I had a minor yeast infection a month or so ago by the end of the day my vulvar area tends to be very smelly.  Sometimes fishy, but sometimes not...

My cervical mucous tends to be white or milky, only every now and then does it have a off white to slightly yellow tint to it.

I bathe regularly, I don't use artificially scented soaps, been using a very diluted tea tree castile soap.

There is no pain or itchiness.  I just have been unusually moist and, as I said by the end of the day I smell very strongly of uncleanliness.

Anything I can do to sort of regulate things?  I would rather not see a doctor if it's unwarranted.  I saw my gyn last year and everything seemed to be fine.

Also, only one sexual partner (my husband) for many years.


Thanks :)
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