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HBC- are they really 'that different', will switching actually relieve any issues?

Helloo yall, I had an appointment today at Plannned Parenthood to switch my HBC pill from Loestrin FE (generic Junel FE) to something else because I feel like it is causing me a lot of troubles (hair loss, increased facial hair and acne, vivid dreams, mood problems, headaches, no period at all which makes me worried about pregnancy, etc) and I told the nurse practitioner my feelings on it and she was kind of just cold and not very compassionate to begin with but she basically told me, and made me feel like, that me blaming these symptoms on this HBC was either crazy (like these symptoms could be from something else, which they could be i suppose but she didnt seem to offer any other advice to me like checking my thyroid levels or anything) or that it is something I will experience on every HBC no matter the type (no matter if its a different pill, the patch, the ring, or whatever).... Is that true? I was on the patch for a year with no problems except the GD price >_< but then I switched to Loestrin since June and I have had terrible things happening that seem like there is no other reason...

If I am having these problems with the Loestrin FE is it really pointless to even switch pills? I am now prescribed Orthotricyclen, I don't start it til Friday though but I am just really confused, I thought the different pills varied. Anyhoot that nurse practitioner was a crappy one.
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