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Hi, I need a bit of help.

I just turned 18 on November 13th. Two days ago I noticed a sore on my labia minora which hurt when I touched it. It felt a bit like a zit, and felt to be about the same size as a pea. I've been getting these little lesions for several years now (I noticed the first one at 14) and most of the time they went away with no trouble.

This one exploded. I was in the washroom, and I noticed the TP came up bloody. My cycle is rather irregular, so I checked and sure enough this little thing was bleeding. And by bloody, I mean it was just -drenched-. I'm currently sitting with a wad of paper as I write this but what I want to know is, will I be okay? Has anyone else had anything like this?

When I get the sores I usually put a little dab of Polysporin (as per my mother's suggestion) on the affected area. I'm not sexually active with another person though I do masturbate 2-3 times a week, and have never had my genitals touched by another person and have only performed oral on another woman once. I have never had sexual contact with men.

Am I going to be okay? How should I treat this? Should I see a doctor?

I don't know what to tag this. I'm sorry.
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