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Pregnancy & Bipolar Question

I have posted a few posts the last few weeks about pregnancy, but now that my family knows we are trying to get pregnant they are saying that its not a good idea to get pregnant and basicly trying to talk me out of ever having a baby. My husband is bipolar and is on medication for that, we have had some pretty rocky times but now that he is on his meds and everything with his medication is right we are doing great! They are worried that the baby will be bipolar and they say that I don't want to bring a child into the world knowing that it will have what he has, any advice on this, I want to have a child, and I love my husband very much even tho we have been through alot, and I don't feel that it is fair to me at all if I never have one just because my husband is bipolar, and its not fair to him to never have a child, because he can not help that he has it. His Dad is bipolar and I assume that is how he got it. Thanks for any advice I really appreciate it! 
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