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Regular irregular periods and fertility

Hi everyone, I've found my way here from IUD divas. Without going into needless detail, I've been on and off IUDS for about a year(they wont stay in). During this time I have also tracked my cycle because it was the first time since high school that a pill wasn't tracking it for me. 
What I've noticed is that in this time my cycle has varied from 29 days to 52 days, and it does this in a very regular manner.

 So, here's a summary of my cycle length over this time period:
June 2009: ~38 days
08/09: ~50 days
09/09: ~38 days
 10/09: ~30 days
11/09: ~38 days
This repeated for 3.5 repetitions until I went back on a pill due to my IUD issues. 

What I'm wondering is what this will do to me when I want to try to get pregnant in a few years. If this pattern is true, and not an artifact of the off/on IUD use(which doesn't really correlate with the pattern), could this pose a significant problem? I realize I only get 10 chances in a year instead of 12, but is that a large problem? Also, I'm fairly sure that I ovulate, even in long cycles because 14 days or so before the period comes I get pretty classic ovulation signals (horniness, mucous changes). Any thoughts?

Finally, has anyone else experienced this?   
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