Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in vaginapagina,

More tales of woe

Not sure if anyone's been keeping up, but I've been struggling with bartholin gland abscesses since July of this year. This past Saturday, I got another one (they pop up every month) and by last night, it was huge and horrible. Not the worst one I've had, but it was close. I was going in to my gyno today to try the word catheter insertion again, but this morning when I woke up, I was surprised to see that my abscess had burst on its own while I was asleep. I rolled over, realized it didn't hurt anymore, then felt an extreme wetness in my underwear. Looked down to see that it was indeed pus and blood. Hooray.

So I went to the gyno anyway today, since they wanted to check it out and make sure everything was alright. She said everything looked fine and that it was still draining a bit, and it actually was draining out of the place where the word catheter was inserted last time (I had it done at the end of September but it was unsuccessful and fell out after two days). So, yay.

My question is relating to the soreness/tender feeling afterward. My vulva, on the left side (my abscess is also on the left), is really sore when I press on it. Normal? I'm still pretty tender in the area, but my vulva isn't really affected by the abscess (as far as I'm aware?) so I was just wondering if anyone else had some experience with this. This is my first time that one of these have ruptured on their own. Any input?
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