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This is just a passing feeling

help with late period

My period is late by 5 - 7 days. At the latest it should have come by November 24 (according to on online tracker I use that has generally been accurate), although my period has come a day or two early before. Generally my average cycle lasts around 32 days. I am currently on day 38 of my cycle. My last period began on October 23. I am 19 years old and have been menstruating since age 12.

I have taken three pregnancy tests so far and all of them appeared to be negative. My first test was taken on November 24 in the early afternoon, my second test was taken November 26 in the early morning, and I took a third test today around 3pm.

I am not currently taking an HBCP because I have had problems in the past and was advised by my doctor to avoid taking the pill or other hormonal methods. Each time I tried birthcontrol pills my migraines became worse, and I had pains in my legs and arms. I have not been on the pill since July, and every period since then has been normal so I don't think it's anything related to the pill.

I do use protection (condoms) but my partner and I had a slight slip-up several weeks ago. The condom slipped off inside of me but he ejaculated on the bed. However, I believe there may have been pre-come or active sperm at the tip of the condom so there's a chance some may have came in contact with my vagina. Since then we have switched condom brands to a brand that has a "tighter" feel for him. We have not had such a slip since then.

Prior to this we had another slip in October with the same brand of condoms (non-latex durex I believe?). In october I took Plan B and my period arrived on the expected day - October 23. Is it possible that the hormones in Plan B have upset my body's balance for current cycle? I did not want to take Plan B again, especially so soon because it is such a high dosage compared to normal BCP and I had just taken it a month prior.

While I understand HPT may not show a positive test so early, I am understandably concerned. I am in a position where I would not be able to carry a potential pregnancy to term. Neither my partner nor I are finished with school or financially independent, and I am transferring to a new university next semester. Even maintaining a pregnancy to full term would interfere with my education and put me behind/in further debt. I'm nervous about the negative tests since I haven't gotten my period yet.

I have called the health center on campus and they only provide urine pregnancy tests. If I don't get my period in a few weeks I will be home for winter break so I could probably see my doctor for a blood test. However, I am under my mother's insurance and I'm hoping to resolve this situation without her knowing. It would not be a good situation for me if my family finds out.

Any advice?

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