Kayla Jay (hey_kayla_jay) wrote in vaginapagina,
Kayla Jay

what birth control is best for me?

I have only ever relied on condoms my whole life (my whole sex life, you know what I mean) and have finally decided that I need something a bit more reliable. I started to research and have narrowed it down to two candidtes; Nuva Ring, and the Pill. But there are still several things I need to figure out.
I'm super special because my anxiety makes me worry about everything (pregnancy paranoia every damn month) and also makes me untrusting of certain things (like pregnancy tests that I take every damn month) and I just get the feeling that I won't trust Nuva Ring to work if I were to choose it. I read about it falling out and people not even KNOWING it had fallen out and how long you need to wait to have sex again after it falls out and all other kinds of cautioary stuff the whole thing kinda makes me be like WOAH.
However, I still want to consider NuvaRing because I also don't trust myself to remember to take a pill every day. I've been testing myself lately by taking supplements every morning to see if I can get in the habit of doing this, but I still forget every few days and I went this entire weekend without remembering at all. The joys of ADD. I also worry about what the pill will do to me emotionally. I've heard that some will amplify anxiety or depression and can kill your sex drive (what's the point!? WHAT'S THE DAMN POINT!?!?) and do all other kinds of stuff to you.
What I really want is an IUD (Better than sterilization? I don't understand how that kind of witchcraft is possible but gimme!!) but I know how ridiculously expensive they can be, and my insurance won't cover that sort of thing. Bummer.
So please give me your honest to goodness opinion on what route you think I should go (or at least which one I should give more consideration/research) considering what I've said here.
ALSO--- When my sister got on the pill, she went to Planned Parenthood and got her pills after a gyno check up. I just went there a few months ago (July?), will I need another check up before I can get my pills or Nuva Ring? And she paid according to how much she was making at her job at the time. Do they still do that?

You're all wonderful :) Thank you for your time.

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