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Faking Orgasms?

Hello Vagina Pagina members!

My name is Shannon, I am currently doing research on the Fake Orgasm in the United States. I'd like to invite you to partake in a survey that I am conducting on the topic as well as to participate in a discussion on this forum!

The Survey:
The survey is anonymous and voluntary. It will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. It has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at SUNY New Paltz. You will be asked some questions about your personal experience and also some general questions about orgasm. If you feel uncomfortable at any time you may stop. You must be 18 or older to take this survey. You may contact me with comments or questions at the link is below:
Click here to take survey
*link is fixed

Discussion: You can discuss anything you wish on the topic, but I'll post some information and questions here to go off of. Have fun talking about it! I can't wait to see what you have to say.
Based on my research so far:
-75.5% of 689 women (who have had sex) have faked an orgasm. Why is this number so high? Do you think women feel pressured to fake orgasm's if so, why?
-Out of a smaller sample size so far 45.4% of the 148 men (who have had sex) who have taken the survey also say they have faked an orgasm before. So you can see that men are also faking orgasms. Where is this pressure coming from?
-How do you feel about orgasm in a sexual experience? What is it's place? Does it effect your views of a successful sexual experience? Is it one of the goals?
-Have you faked an orgasm, how do you fake one?
-How would you feel if your partner was faking orgasms with you?
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