amanda99266 (amanda99266) wrote in vaginapagina,

Uterus sonogram without consent: I need advice


when I took a sonogram for digestive problems, I ended up getting my womb checked, I felt it was wrong but also confused and embarrased so I didn"t say anything.

What do you think?

Last year I took a sonogram for digestive problems (liver and gall bladder), a woman performed it on my upper abdomen, told me she was also looking at  my kidneys, I was fine with that, exam done.

This year I took the same exam with a different person: an older man, very efficient, the exam was done in a couple of minutes, he was moving the transducer around and taking pictures really fast. 

I told him I had gall bladder problems, he did the area, then my kidneys,  and lastly he said "problems with reproductive organs?..." and before I could answer, slid the "mouse" from my stomach to my uterus  and looked for a couple of seconds.

It happened so fast, I didn't say anything because I was asking myself  " is this normal?  should I be okay with that?" but I was really uncomfortable and I keep thinking about it.

My first question: is it normal practice when getting a sonogram to have more organs checked than what is prescribed?

My second question: how would you tell the person  that this is not okay with you and ask them to stop?
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