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do i still have trich? can someone please help me

hi everyone! I tested positive for Trichimianis last month and recieved one time dose metrozole 500mg 4 pills and my symptoms did not clear after a week and I went back to the doctor and was given the same medication for a longer period. This time I took 2 pills a day for 7days. At this point, my symptoms were still there but with less itch but still a bit of discharge. I then went back to the doctor and she gave me Tindamax because she said I must have a metrozol resistant trich. I took one dose of Tindamax 500mg 4 pills that same day. Here I am 3 weeks later and my symptoms have allievated by alot! I no longer have the discharge but I still have itch on my clitoris. I am so tired of going back to the doctor, I feel like a puppet. Has anyone ever had a problem like this? I have not had sex since i was first tested with trich so i know there is no way I have been reinfecting myself.

Please help me I'm feeling pretty sad and have not felt like myself down there for a month and I am pretty miserable.
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