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The role of radiologists.... diagnosing PCOS.

After 5.5 months straight of bleeding after my Paragard insertion, I finally went to see my school nurse, who ordered an ultrasound for me. Now I should mention that I have a history of menstrual irregularity (amenorrhea for 3 years, oligomenorrhea for several years before that) and have developed some increased acne/hair growth since discontinuing HBC. Some people on here and on IUD Divas had suggested PCOS as a diagnosis, even though I am HWP.

Fast forward to last Thursday. I had a transvaginal ultrasound, during which the ultrasonographer said that I have a number of small follicles (10+ on my right ovary, at least 8 on my left), which are sometimes described as cysts. It's taken several days for the radiologist to look over the ultrasound images and write up a report. The report simply says (and I only saw it briefly, while I was at my nurse's office) that I have "Multiple small follicles bilaterally." and that the IUD placement, endometrium, etc looked normal.

So my question is - am I now effectively ruled out for having PCOS because the radiologist didn't use the exact language of "polycystic ovaries"? Looking around on the internet it seems like multiple small follicles ARE the "cysts" of polycystic ovary syndrome. If so, will an OBGYN be able to diagnose me based on that report? They didn't even mention the number of follicles, which I have seen referenced as a diagnostic criteria (ie: Greater than 5 follicles/ovary = PCOS)....

While I don't want to be a hypochondriac, I also don't want to have PCOS and not get treatment for it - seems like hyperinsulinemia and other complications can increase risk for cancer and cardiovascular problems if left untreated.
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