Aquarius Galuxy (aquarius_galuxy) wrote in vaginapagina,
Aquarius Galuxy

Labia hurts because of UTI?

Hey all,

Recently I've had a UTI (am still having it, but I'm on antibiotics now) and sometime along the course of my UTI, my inner labia started hurting... It protrudes out from the outer labia, and I think I might've maybe dried it too much over the course of my UTI-induced, frequent loo trips... it hurts pretty much more often than the UTI itself. -_-; (Only my protruding labia is hurting... the non-protruding one isn't.)

I've made sure that it's constantly lubricated for a few days now, but going without panties isn't really going to help 'cause I'm having yellowish discharge (uncommon for me, I'm assuming this is related to the UTI and will go away when the UTI goes).

So, anyone had this before, and is there anything I can do to ease the pain other than taking painkillers?

Thank you!
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