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 Sorry if it is inappropriate to ask this here but the sextips community seems now defunct and I'm hoping some vagina superstars will have some insight. I'm having some difficulty with my new partner as lube dulls sensations for him and makes it basically impossible for him to cum and my vadge dries out and hurts without lube. (If you have another community you would rather I post this in please let me know) 

I'm a girl whose obsessed with lube, I love it, I need it, I feel like my vadge dries out without out during sex. My new boy is extremely well-endowed and is un-circumcised. Generally for me -esp since his penis is so large- I need lube. Also, the fact that bf takes a while to cum (we are talking twenty plus minutes)  only exacerbates the drying out of my vagina cause at a certain point it just doesn't feel that great, y'know? Sex feels good to me, I love it, but i pretty much can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation. I've tried using vibe or fingers on my clit while he is in me to stimulate me but its hard to concentrate and I am having trouble finding the right position for that.

The real issue is that my boy can't really  have sex with lube. Lube dulls out sensation for him (I'm guessing its because he is uncircumcised but I could be totally wrong). Basically he keeps going and going and at a certain point gives up because he just isn't feeling anything and it makes sex super frustrating and sad face for both of us. 

I've tried using diff types of lube and it doesn't really have an effect. I've tried giving him a blow job before hand to make him cum faster but I'm having difficulty adjusting my technique to an uncircumcised penis and blow jobs don't really do it for him. I dont think its lack of experience that is making him say that since he is almost 28 and been with many partners but he has never even come close to cumming from oral. We have tried without lube but no matter how aroused I am before hand (or how much he has gotten me off orally) by the time i'm having penetrative sex for ten/fifteen minutes I just can't take it anymore and it hurts.

PLEASE. I welcome ideas. It is really really upsetting and I would love to get this problem resolved. 

EDIT: We aren't using condoms or any sort of physical barrier that could potentially be effecting sensation for him. 
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