obscurexgrey (obscurexgrey) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lube question after lengthy babbling

My girlfriend is having some trouble getting off and I'm looking to help.  She's on Paxil, and when she masturbates, she just can't seem to get over the edge.

I can't be there, to really help her out, so I want to try everything possible to help her along.  She's been using this little pocket rocket deal that I bought her, for her birthday.  It's her first sex toy and she had her first orgasm using it. 

When I offered to send her a stronger one to try out, she said that she was leery of building up tolerance to vibrators, so I offered to send her some lubricant, instead. 

She's never been able to rub herself to orgasm.  She has tried and complains that she feels nothing, so I suggested that she try alternating with the vibrator and her hands.  This wound up with her having an orgasm with the vibrator, then rushing to rub another out, while she could.  I've urged her to just be patient and try to work on getting off, with her hands, but I understand what it feels like to get frustrated with lack of results. 

Okay, after this long ramble-shit-session, I'm getting around to the real shit.  I think she would be prompted to keep at it, if she felt some immediate sensation. 

I'm thinking of buying her some K-Y Warming Liquid or K-Y Warming Jelly, but I'm worried that it might irritate her.  And I'm not entirely sure if that particular branch of K-Y is safe, if it was to get into the vagina.  I'd feel pretty shitty, if I gave her something that wasn't safe, but when I go looking for an answer, I just get a lot of advertisement.  Boo-hiss.

Lady-lover needs help getting her hand-fap on.
Is K-Y warming-goo hostile toward the vag?
Does the mess burn?

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