hurricanemaiden (hurricanemaiden) wrote in vaginapagina,

Prolapsed organ?

For the last few months I've felt some pressure in my pelvic region. I decided to check my vaginal passage amd I noticed there was a bulge up ther,e but it never stopped me doing anything like having sex or using a tampon. Now it's gotten worse, it's nearly takes up the whole passage. When I press on it, it makes me urinate a bit. And when I strain it lowers. The thing is, I'm only 21. I have IBS with chronic constipation, asmtha so I cough a lot, and allergies so I sneeze loads and read they all put stress on your pelvic muscles.

I have a doctor's appointment on wednesday, but my period is due today/tomorrow so I'm thinking of going in as an emergancy..
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