Rachel (rachelashleigh) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pill woes

HBC question.

I've been on Alesse 21 for a number of years no problem. This time around my doctor by accident gave me a script for Alesse 28 this time around. Is there really any difference between 21 and 28 strength wise? I'm asking because I am experiencing some spotting and I'm only on week one of my pill. I have not missed any and I've taken it around the same hour each day.

However, could it also be due to the following:
- I had a UTI last week, so I've been on the antibiotic since last Tuesday
- I have lost 10 pounds since the summer

I know the antibiotic can make HBC less effective, I've taken HBC and UTI antibiotics before but I've never experienced spotting. Is this most likely what is happening?
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