Amanda (stereosymbiosis) wrote in vaginapagina,

strap on dildo recommendations/flight regulations concerning toys

Hi all, I hope this is okay to ask here. My girlfriend and I are really really interested in buying a strap on dildo, but neither of us really have any idea where to start. So I was wondering if I could ask for recommendations of specific toys you've used, or websites you trust where I could start looking. (Online shopping is our only option.) I'm looking to keep the purchase under $100. Edit: Also I'm a bit on the bigger side (women's 16 USA sizing) so the harness would have to fit me, and her as well (she's an 8/10).

As a side note, how would I go about traveling with this (eventual) purchase in carry-on luggage on a plane? Do you have any tips for taking sex toys on a plane? I mean I can't imagine I wouldn't be allowed to take it, but it might be suspicious if seen in the scanner or something...

Any help would be great, thanks.
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