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confused and frustrated. yet another "why cant i cum?" post.

 hi there guys,

im here to bombard ya with yet another "why cant i cum?" post. and then some.

ive done some searching around the interwebs, looked here and there, but im not sure what to do.

i have never cum from sex. vaginal or oral. in fact, i really dont think ive made it close to orgasm either.
it feels good and all, but ive never felt that orgasm was even close. 

i kno that i can cum, and do through masturbation. when i was younger, i was pretty horny and could cum pretty quickly and consistently. now though, it takes a LONG time, till the point where im like... omg, i just wanna cum and get it over with. 

given, my boy friend and i were virgins so i guess "skill?" could be part of the issue. and i also think that some of it is psychological cause im a bit jumpy and self-conscious with him down there. i think ive gotten used to not cuming from sex, and it does not bother me as much anymore. resigned would be the word? im not all too happy about the fact that i cant cum, but i deal with it. 

so why am i frustrated? cause, i obviously would still like to cum through sex xD, but mainly because my boyfriend leaves me... sexually frustrated? my boyfriend is pretty horny when he sees me... teasing, fondling, licking, teasing, and whatnot. it gets me hot and horny, but it mostly just ends there. nipples, neck, maybe a bit of oral?

then it veers off into me pleasuring him. dont get me wrong, i dont have a problem with reciprocating, but i find myself reluctant when he suggests 69 or a handjob, or blowjob. even when he asks for necking, cause i know that it will most likely lead to head and my horny self being neglected. i think its because i know that thats it. i go "oh, here we go again." cause i know that after he cums, thats it. even during 69, it mostly just ends up with him stopping while i keep going, and he cums. it makes me frustrated.

im completely fine with not cumming during sex, though im a little distressed, but when foreplay ends strictly as foreplay its... to be frank, annoying? and i feel bad for thinking like this cause when he tries, he tries. he's down there for a long time trying to make me cum. but i guess it just frustrates me cause most of the time, after i make him cum, he just stops. im kinda going... i know u just came but im still here, and i haven't cum yet!  i know its hard for me to orgasm, but a little attention after i just gave u a blow/handjob would be nice?

im a little on the shy side so ive been keeping this to myself, and i dont see myself really bringing it up in the near future. even though i know i should. though he's probably picked up on it a little. there's the fact that he's a pretty sensitive guy and im afraid im just being unnecessarily mean cause im sexually frustrated, and also because i do know that its extremely hard for me to cum with him. its not like he doesn't try, ill give him that. its just the number of times he does and doesn't seems frustratingly unbalanced.

i feel like a bad gf for thinking like this. :/
am i over-reacting?

and also. anal. two things about it.

he wants to try it. he KEEPS asking for it, but im still uncomfortable. i barely even let rimming slide.
i guess one thing is that i just dont like the idea of it, and another is im worried about it? i heard it can get painful and messy, and quite frankly, im just not all that into the idea of anal. ive told him this, but he keeps asking, anyone out there who was also against anal? what made u change? and how was it?

numero dos. since we're on the topic of asses. i was licking him down there, the stretch between his balls and anus (because i read somewhere that that's good?) and ending up doing full-on rimming. i went through with it cause he was enjoying it, but the idea kinda put me off. he seems to be wanting it again, but im not exactly willing, first thing is cleaniness. i might consider it if we showered before but... that's not the case. second thing is, again, im just not that keen with asses? i want to do it for him cause he's hella sensitive, but id feel kinda like an idiot saying "can we shower first" every time he shifts his ass a bit closer. any suggestions?
and.. just checking... im not the only out there who rims their guy right?
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