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Burning soreness after sex

Hello vagpag! I hope today finds you all in good spirits! Generally I'm a lurker, reading through the questions and posts (I comment on occasion, when I feel I have something useful to contribute ^^;), and learning quite a lot from them actually, but today I have a question of my own (that I've been meaning to post, but haven't gotten around to until now).

It's about a strange burning and soreness my boyfriend and I both experience after sex. I'm not concerned that it's an STD, because he was tested after his last girlfriend and his results were negative, and hasn't been with anyone since then, and he's the first and only guy I've ever had sex with. I'm wondering if it's mostly due to friction/lack of adequate lubrication, because it usually occurs when we've been going at it for quite a while, and it doesn't happen every time we have sex. When it does happen, he usually comments to me that he has to stop because it's starting to get sore, and after he pulls out, he's told me that it burns, and usually I feel a similar burning sensation. We had sex this morning and this was the case (well, more for me; he didn't say anything about it, but I felt a little tingling in the bad way down there), and when I was taking a shower and went to feel down there with my hand, it was a little sore.

Do you think it's just a matter of being sure I'm lubricated enough that's causing the issue, or do you guys think I should be concerned? I will probably bring this matter up with my doctor if it persists, but seeing as how I don't have health insurance and won't be in to see her until January, I thought I'd find out if anyone recommends I seek immediate attention.

Thanks for all your help, guys! Stay awesome~ ♥
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