b (blackheartgirl) wrote in vaginapagina,

Unhappy experiences with OTC-Lo.

My experience with OTC Lo has been miserable. :(

I used to have such a great libido -- where the littlest suggestion of sex from my boyfriend would rile me up like crazy. When we became more sexually active, I got on the pill. I warned him of my previous experience with it, but I had hoped that since my libido came roaring back after I had quit since my last boyfriend, that perhaps I could dodge a bullet.


I literally have zero interest in sex. And when I try to "force" myself to have sex (yeah...that never quite works out!), my orgasms are not that satisfying, it feels almost like a chore! Nothing turns me on anymore, images, dirty talk, stories my boyfriend writes for me. I'm just: "Meh." Awful.

On top of it, I have formed a new layer of fat all over my body (back, torso), and now have cellulite in my arms. Since diabetes runs in my family, I figure that I am exhibiting insulin resistance, so even though I eat healthy and in small portions, any carbs or sugars are turned into fat. Plus, I'm sure there's some water retention in there. I can see the changes visibly in my face. The all-over "puffy" feeling just doesn't feel like me anymore.

I told him tonight I'm getting off the pill, purchasing Taking Charge of Your Fertility and am going to get fitted for a cervical cap. I'm done with this! I'm 25 and can't deal with having no interest in sex. (Condoms are not an option for us because they do not cooperate with his foreskin.) I have Googled about the cap and diaphragm in this community, and I must thank you ladies for providing me with information that will help me in my new journey with BC.

I feel like I can say this so adamantly because I've been taking OTC-Lo for many years, and my breaks in between have been nothing short of amazing. OTC-Lo has cleared up my skin beautifully, but I'll take bad skin to have my free testosterone back.
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