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TSA continued

Hi everyone, I would have responded to the recent post but I am worried no one will see it now...

Basically last night my friend told me that it is very easy to OPT OUT OF BOTH abusive screenings (the x-ray and pat-down) if you say, "No - this is against my constitutional rights. You have no warranted cause to search me." And apparentely, if they continue they can get in big trouble. And if they make you wait longer because of this, they and the airlines will have to repay your ticket if you miss your flight.

He was extremely adament about this. Have any of you tried this?
He says stories like the parent with the young child video happened just because the parent did not know her rights and express them.

I am definitely going to do this on Tuesday when I fly home.

EDIT:: Thanks for the responses. I thought he didn't know what he was talking about too. I just talked to him again and he is still convinced that everyone should do this. It is true that one of the only ways to protect our rights is to KNOW THEM and express them. I just read this article:

Which explains that if you refuse, you will be questioned until they find reason to realize that you are not a threat.

I recommend EVERYONE do this. I am still afraid I could get arrested or fined, but it is very likely I will attempt this on my way back if I have ample time and am chosen for the searches.

I feel like we MUST be active in overcoming this. The constitution has been forfeited for the past eight years - now that it is touching everyone's lives through these airport screenings, I hope it causes for some uprising. The TSA WANTS fear. If I were you and afraid of flying because of these new measures, I would TURN THAT FEAR the other way. That is exactly what they want from us.

Sorry this is turning into less of a vagina-related post. But I really feel the need to discuss this further since I am flying so soon.
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