ieatbacon (ieatbacon) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cramping right after my period? Ovulation?

Howdy y'all!

So, my last period started on the 8th and ended on the 17th. It was a bit shorter in duration than the other periods I've had recently, but otherwise normal with regards to strength of flow and whatnot.

So, it ended two days ago, but right now I'm getting *killer* cramps - like, busting-out-the-pain-meds-cause-this-ain't-pretty kind of cramps. The pain is on the lower sides of my pelvis, right around where my ovaries are, and it's hurting on both sides. Any ideas what's causing it? I've got a Mirena IUD in place, but for me it doesn't seem to suppress ovulation. Going by the typical length of my cycle, I wouldn't normally be ovulating yet - but could it be that I'm just ovulating early this time around? Can early ovulation *happen*? Or should I get this checked out?

(Also, has anyone else ever wished their reproductive organs were people so they could just tell them to knock it off with the shenanigans already?!)

Thanks :)
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